Home Building Resources

Constructing a new home or a major renovation to an existing home can be a daunting task. Just understanding where to start can be a challenge, causing delays.

Anxious to get going when embarking on such a project, many start by contacting an architect, designer or builder referred by a family member, friend or neighbor. They may immediately hone in on a design or finished product, and hope to replicate that for their own project.

However we advise potential clients to, first, establish a plan based on their needs and goals before contacting anyone in the design and construction community. With that in mind, we have created a page dedicated to providing ongoing resources for homeowners (and potential homeowners) considering constructing a new home, creating an addition to an existing home or doing a remodel.

During our years of experience serving various types of residential clients, it became clear to us that homeowners often need more information about the home building process. They often would benefit from understanding what types protections are needed, what kind of services should be considered, and how to prepare for a project.

Our goal for here is to provide resources for these individuals to confidently move forward with their project, knowing they are making better-informed decisions—and ultimately have a more rewarding and successful project.

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