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Efficient home design and lessons from the Foursquare Farmhouse

Efficient home design and lessons from the Foursquare Farmhouse Three years after the 2008 housing crash, builders started building homes again—but with fewer workers. Ten years later, the residential building industry still hadn’t fully regained its pre-2008 labor force. During this period, material costs slowly increased—and then dramatically climbed [...]

Semi-retirement custom home – why downsize?

Semi-retirement custom home -  why downsize? “Retirement” is a relatively modern concept. For generations, few humans lived long enough or were successful enough during their earning years to afford a period of life resembling “retirement.” But thanks to rapid human progress and tremendous economic growth, retirement became a possibility [...]

Gahanna Modern

Gahanna Modern “I don’t want a typical Columbus house!” were the homeowner’s first words, setting the tone and design direction from the start. They wanted a modern house with large windows and a design that would accommodate large gatherings. In our view, modern [...]

Elm Grove Remodel

Elm Grove Remodel At Hoffmans Architecture, we firmly believe our clients are trusted advisers in an iterative design process—an ethos of which the Elm Grove Remodel is exemplary. The homeowners were very clear on their goals and why they were doing the remodel: They wanted a new modern [...]

Building Beyond Code Minimum

Don’t settle for constructing your custom home to minimum building code standards—go beyond the code and consider these additional factors. Custom homes become forever homes for many homeowners. So it’s important to consider additional standards beyond the minimum building code standards—used by many home builders to price and construct custom homes—that provide [...]

Constructing from Computer Models (BIM)

Constructing from Computer Models (BIM) Computer models known as Building Information Models (BIM) don’t just produce realistic rendering, but also contain actual building material thickness and products being installed. The end result is a home constructed true to design. During the design process homeowners can experience the design in three-dimension with virtual [...]

Shorewood Summit Remodel

Shorewood Summit Remodel The original 1923 master chamber (as it was called) had never been remodeled, and was overdue for a makeover into a modern master suite. Remodeling older homes is always more costly than originally budgeted—there is always an unanticipated cost. Recognizing this likelihood, the client [...]

Oakes Estates

Oakes Estates The Oakes Estates residence is located in a new subdivision southwest of Milwaukee. The design borrows from several early 20th-century country estate homes located in the Milwaukee metro area. Contact Us For more of our [...]

Whitefish Bay Lake Avenue Addition

Lake Ave Addition The Lake Avenue Addition was a complete renovation and makeover by a real estate investor who wanted a refreshing new look along with a master suite addition. The house was originally constructed in 1956 and had never been remodeled. Due to budgetary constraints, the front [...]

How to size your home? Use our worksheet!

How to size your home? Use our worksheet! When planning a new home, determining the right size at the onset can be difficult. Many variables can contribute to its size—including varying homeowner needs, vaulted ceilings, two-story spaces, or outdoor spaces. What’s more, some municipalities or HOAs set minimum and maximum size. Many [...]