Ad Hoc Residential Teardown/Rebuild Review Committee

On December 18, 2017, the Whitefish Bay Village board approved the creation of an Ad Hoc Residential Teardown/Rebuild Review Committee. The first meeting will be on January 15 at 5pm before the Village board meeting at 6pm.

The impetus to create this committee came from citizen concerns and complaints over the last few months regarding the amount of homes being demolished and replaced with newly constructed homes in Whitefish Bay. Concerns ranged from the review and approved process outlined under the existing municipal code, the size of newly constructed homes, the need for additional residential growth and size controls, and general public input during the review/approval process.

Today the Village posted the committee’s agenda. The first meeting is primarily being used as an informational session to discuss the existing demolition permit process and existing architectural review committee (ARC) submittal process, as well as, solicit feedback from ARC members and Village staff.

I highly advise any Whitefish Bay resident interested in this subject to attend this and future meetings. The committee’s meetings, as originally drafted by the Village manager, “shall be open to the public, and we will work to promote the meetings so that interested individuals will attend and participate in the process.” The best way help shape the discussion is to show up and be active.