Klode Park Warming House

Klode Park Warming House  The Klode Park Warming House design is not a solution but rather a starting point for community discussion regarding the needs and benefits of a new multipurpose year-round structure(s) at the park. Contact Us For more of our work, click [...]

Lacamas Shores Modern

Lacamas Shores The Lacamas Shores Modern residence was designed for the Lacamas Shores subdivision of Camas, WA. Lacamas Shores, like most (if not all) subdivisions in the area, has a design review board and rules governing residential design, aesthetic and materiality. In addition to HOA design guidelines, [...]

Beaumont Modern

Beaumont Modern The Beaumont Modern is a single-family residential design located in the established Klode Park neighborhood of Whitefish Bay, where neighboring homes were primarily built during the early 20th century. The existing property was classified by the Village of Whitefish Bay as a non-conforming lot—its width [...]

Cubix Mixed Use

Cubix Mixed Use Cubix is a mixed-use residential building located in San Francisco’s trendy SoMa neighborhood. The 8-story structure, located on a 45-foot wide lot, contains 98 micro-apartments, a café and offices suites, with below-grade parking and storage. The building’s structure is concrete and utilizes a post-tension two-way [...]

Camas Mixed-Use

Camas Mixed-Use Over the last 15 years, downtown Camas, WA has recreated itself into a vibrant and pedestrian-friendly environment with locally owned shops, businesses, restaurants, microbreweries, and a historic 1927 movie theater. This revival has spawned new real estate developments, like the Camas Mixed-Use, which has a [...]

St. James Early Learning Center

St. James Early Learning Center Reggio Emilia-inspired classroom design has become a growing trend in early learning centers across the US. These designs emphasize the cultivation of explorative and creative study and play in children. A building’s rooms, corridors, lobby, playgrounds and other interior and exterior spaces become [...]

Riverside Estates

Riverside Estates The Riverside Estate property is located near the mighty Columbia River in Vancouver, WA. It has unobstructed panoramic views of the river, the Portland skyline and the Tualatin Mountains northwest of Portland. The owner’s primary goal was to maximize these views throughout the house. To achieve [...]