Whitefish Bay Architectural Review Commission Approval

Hoffmans Architecture recently received a Whitefish Bay Architectural Review Commission (ARC) approval, without conditions of approval, for an exterior addition to an existing 1920’s duplex. The approval followed our guidelines for a successful ARC approval. Our guidelines at can be found in the Home Building Resources section of our website.

To garner support we solicited adjacent neighbor support by providing photographic type presentation material to illustrate both the existing property condition and proposed design solution. Once the neighbor visually understood the proposed change in three-dimension they welcomed the solution and provided written approval. This approval was presented the Architectural Review Commission as part of our hearing submittal. The Architectural Review Commission welcomes neighborhood input. The more positive responses obtained from your neighbors can increase your odds of approval.

Three-dimensional imagery not only helps neighbors understand a proposed design solution but also it helps ARC board members too. At Hoffmans Architecture we feel strongly the best means of communicating architectural solutions is through 3D imagery either by hand sketches or with computer modeling. This is how we experience the world.

In addition to drawings and imagery presentation material we clearly defined the proposed work area and scope on our drawings. It is important the ARC understands what is being altered and what is not being altered. This helps focus the discussion, another key to a successful approval.

ARC submission requires an exterior material submittal. In our presentation we simply matched the existing materials on the property. It is best not to simply state you’re, “matching existing materials”. You need to make a material / product list. If you have a builder at the time of the hearing they should produce the material list. This will insure the board members you’ve done your research and have specified the materials to be used.

If you are considering staring a new home, addition or remodel to an existing property please contact Aaron Hoffmans, AIA at 414-600-1180 or aaron@hoffmansarchitecture.com