Shorewood Summit Remodel

The original 1923 master chamber (as it was called) had never been remodeled, and was overdue for a makeover into a modern master suite.

Remodeling older homes is always more costly than originally budgeted—there is always an unanticipated cost. Recognizing this likelihood, the client was interested in various ways they could be efficient with the design and thrifty purchasing various products while maintaining the home’s vintage 1923 character. The design solution was to limit the project’s scope to the existing bedroom, bathroom, adjacent bedroom and hallway nook.

The thrifty purchasing solutions came in the form of an Amazon vanity, mirrors, tub and other bathroom items. The floor, wall and shower tiles were all selected and purchased at the local Home Depot store. This budget approach allowed us to put additional funds toward custom millwork and interior doors that matched the existing home’s details—not to mention those unexpected costs.

We view our clients as trusted advisors in an iterative design process—as illustrated by this project. The client’s vision and flexibility inspired the design and fostered a creative solution to some unique challenges.

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