Lake Ave Addition

The house, originally constructed in 1956, had never been remodeled. The new owners needed a new master suite without changing the home’s footprint. They also didn’t want to substantially alter the home’s Colonial Revival style by maintaining the front pediment and columns, but at the same time wanted a “refreshing new look”.

The solution utilized the pediment as an architype for the new aesthetic by repeating its proportions and minimalizing its detailing. The new master suite above the garage provided an opportunity to balance the house’s massing and provide scale to the existing grand pediment. Removal the of existing faux shutters, new black windows, and a new color scheme reinforces the new modern look and feel of the house. This creative solution was acknowledged and appreciated by the Whitefish Bay Architecture Review Board by providing only positive comments with a unanimous approval.

Another design challenge was the yard, or lack of. The house didn’t have direct access to the small cone shaped side yard adjacent to the street. To provide access from the house new patio doors at the existing living room windows were added along with an indoor/outdoor gas fireplace facing a new patio.

Internally a new c-shaped stairway replaced a straight stairway that crowed the front door. The new stairway provides a continuous connection between the basement, main and upper levels.

This remodel and addition is an example how Hoffmans Architecture provides creative solutions to meet a client’s unique goals and constraints.

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