Gahanna Modern

Gahanna Modern “I don’t want a typical Columbus house!” were the homeowner’s first words, setting the tone and design direction from the start. They wanted a modern house with large windows and a design that would accommodate large gatherings. In our view, modern [...]

Oakes Estates

Oakes Estates The Oakes Estates residence is located in a new subdivision southwest of Milwaukee. The design borrows from several early 20th-century country estate homes located in the Milwaukee metro area. Contact Us For more of our [...]

Wetlands Home

Wetlands Home Located adjacent to a large wetland and near the Kettle Moraine glacial landform. The design is inspired by the natural surroundings, Wisconsin farming communities, and white winters. The house is sited on a knoll of native grasses providing a natural overlook to the flora and fauna [...]

Two Rivers

Two Rivers The Two Rivers property is located on a knoll overlooking two converging rivers near the Columbia River. The design is counterintuitively focused not on these rivers, but inward toward a courtyard garden, making the vast vistas from the knoll secondary. The house is arranged around [...]

Evergreen Highway

Evergreen Highway Residence This property is located on Old Evergreen Highway, overlooking the mighty Columbia River in Vancouver, WA. From the house’s elevated location, it has expansive views of the Columbia River, the Portland skyline and the Tualatin Mountains northwest of Portland. The design was created around [...]

Beaumont Modern

Beaumont Modern The Beaumont Modern is a single-family residential design located in the established Klode Park neighborhood of Whitefish Bay, where neighboring homes were primarily built during the early 20th century. The existing property was classified by the Village of Whitefish Bay as a non-conforming lot—its width [...]