Luxury Residential

The cornerstone of our practice is residential—from luxury single-family new homes, additions, and remodels, to apartments in our mixed-use buildings. This breadth of residential knowledge allows us to envision different solutions.

Luxury homes are about design customization. Designing luxury homes requires a personal understanding of our clients’ needs—acquired by listening and analyzing their goals and constraints. This is our top priority at Hoffmans Architecture. Our clients’ goals and constraints are the roadmap to a successful design.

Our design process is free of preconceived solutions or styles. We believe design ideas start from concepts generated by existing (natural and built) environments along with each clients’ specific needs. We think deeply about how a space will be used, and how the client wants it to be experienced. Creating opportunities for shared experiences by family and friends is our ultimate goal as designers.

Incorporating existing environments in our designs is a hallmark to our work. In our Riverside Estate home, we were able to provide the client with views from every room of the Columbia River—which was their primary goal. In our Beaumont Modern home, neighborhood patterns informed a front patio, side-door entrance and overall scale. In our Shorewood remodel, modern interpretations of vintage carpentry guided custom door and trim detailing. We use these contexts to generate unique solutions that celebrate our clients’ modern lifestyles.

Successful residential projects start with inspired designs but require technical knowledge to ensure design ideas are executed as conceived. The talent and artistry in the residential construction industry always impresses us. To harness that knowledge and skill, it’s critical to illustrate design intent in both drawing and specifications. If the contractor understands the goal and intent, then even the most technical designs can be executed as conceived. At Hoffmans Architecture, we foster relationships with the various contractors and builders we collaborate with. Collaboration is critical to delivering a quality product to our clients.